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The Guinea Pig Program

Sunshine Coast Alternative Scene Movement, also known as SCASM, is an underground facilitator in the live music scene, focusing on alternative music such as metal, rap and punk.

We love a good mosh pit, and so we are glad for you to join us at shows, or just support by wearing our merch. We are constantly researching ways to permanently embed our brand onto the Sunshine Coast and beyond.

Whether you're into brutal death metal/grindcore bands like "Maggot Infested Fuck Pit" and "Aborto De Christo", or if you prefer something more casual like "Voiiceless" or "Piggy Squeals", we got you. We will be commencing live concerts as soon as it is humanly possible for us to do so.

Also note that you can have your band reviewed on this blog page, simply by sending through a demo to, or adding us to the guest list at one of your shows. If you do not have any demo tracks to send through, don't fret, we can set you up with a basic recording package at a low cost.

We will promote your media, such as music and movies, and welcome any creator to send us through their projects for evaluation.

You can even join the label as an artist, release a merch line and more.


Subscribe to our blog page for more information and updates.

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